The other day, I watched a woman bring her new machine in for service. She broke a needle and took out the bobbin case to fix it and didn’t get it back in correctly and could no longer sew with her machine.  Not a big deal really, just more of an inconvenience because she was having fun with her brand new machine.  That issue could be fixed quickly enough.

HOWEVER, she was talking about how much fun she was having embroidering some Christmas ornaments she found online.  She and her husband were both laughing about how she decided not only to do a few ornaments for their tree, but for everyone else as well.  She does not think she did a lot of sewing, but her husband begs to differ!  LOL  The stitch count was recorded at 1.5 million stitches in 6 months.  That’s not just a lot of stitching.  It’s a TON of stitching.  Again, the stitch counts on some of these free standing lace ornaments can reach 50,000 stitches each.  Her machine needed to stay for service.  Her little problem caused by the broken need really didn’t require the service.  What did require the service is that all the stitching she did with the ornaments seized her machine.  It was completely unusable!

I can certainly relate to this. She started to go down the same path I found myself already down.  Only she is hopefully learning her lesson earlier.  Her machine is the Brother Dream Machine – that’s the one with the MSRP of $15,000.  This obviously is not a machine that can readily be replaced financially.  She definitely needs to rethink her approach.  I hope she doesn’t give up embroidery altogether.  I, like her, somehow found this kind of sewing very enjoyable, and consequently, addicting.

I’ve talked previously about stitch counts in these blog posts: Be aware of your stitch count  and Cool Down Your Machine!

It really is amazing how that stitch count creeps up so quickly when doing free standing lace. I can all too easily relate to her perception that she didn’t spend that much time stitching.  She wasn’t paying attention because she was having so much fun.  Home sewing machines should be serviced once a year or every 1 million stitches.  That’s approximately only 20 ornaments or 8 per day for 2 ½ days or 1 weekend.  How many weekends do you spend making any kind of Christmas presents?  If you’re like me, it’s way more than 1 weekend.

I don’t know what the answer is yet. Those big bulky and heavy industrial models are a solution, but they’re not for everyone.  I’m still considering the little home sewing machines with a 5×7 hoop that cost under $1,000.  It’s not quite a “throw away”, but at least I can lift it myself.

Thoughts anyone?