Santa with Dark Hair

Today, I turned on my sewing machine to create a lesson for today’s posting, which will now be tomorrow’s posting. I also turned on my computer to get ready to write today’s lesson, but my wireless router decided not to work.  I got the sewing machine going first before I tackled the router.

Now I’ve stitched Santa so many times already, I should have the color sequence memorized. Not only that, my sewing machine actually tells me what is next to be stitched as well as the color I should be threading the machine with.  I went to my office to reboot the router.  When I came back, I switched colors on the sewing machine, then went back to concentrating on the router because the sewing machine does not need me when it is in embroidery mode.  So I was a little perplexed when I took looked up from my pc while the router connected itself.  I knew what I was looking at was wrong, but it took me a moment to realize what had happened.  Black fur on the bottom of Santa’s coat???  Oh the risks when one is multi-tasking – not fully paying attention to what one is doing.  I decided to continue with the design.  Maybe it won’t look so bad.  I was thinking of the lesson plan I wanted to write.  I needed to replace the black with a color that would show up in a picture and still maybe look acceptable, hence the gold.


Well, Santa is now fully stitched and while he may have been a younger man at some point in his life and has gone down some really dirty chimneys, this particular Santa will certainly not be given away. I don’t think any of my recipients would appreciate this particular Santa.

So how does a mistake turn into a creative expression?

Sometimes changing colors comes naturally, sometimes not. When it is unintentional, maybe that mistake can be a good thing.  Maybe with some editing software, I can add some additional color stops.  I am already changing the color of the bow to fit the recipient’s favorite color.  Maybe I can change his beard to a brown so the design shows?  His eyes and glasses do not show up in gold, but if we change is skin color to a darker one, maybe then?  Wasn’t Santa originally from Turkey?  I can certainly change the color of the present with a color stop.  Or how about the H and the O and the little hearts on the present or any of the other H’s or O’s for that matter?  We’ll explore that topic another time.

So for today, I have no clue why my router decided it needed to be rebooted this morning. And while I don’t need another topic to complete this blog challenge later this week, maybe there is another reason for this situation that I do not know about and maybe never will.  The writing of this post came awfully easy.  Maybe someone reading this in the future needs this.  I don’t know.  Was I supposed to make this mistake?  I don’t personally know – only God does.

So when you make a mistake like this, don’t stop. Follow it and see where it leads you.  For me, I think this stitch out was a dead end.  But maybe, just maybe, your mistake, whatever it is, will lead you to some great things.