This is an interesting tidbit from Spoonflower Fabrics. They surveyed their customer orders and analyzed that the US is decorated primarily in blue with some black and gray mixed in.

Read here for their story: America’s Colors Revealed

As for me, I find my colors are primarily in the autumn hues. I love the look of woodwork – stained or natural, but not painted.  I think the paints hide the beautiful natural wood grains.  This could partially be because my father was a cabinet maker and kitchen designer.  The house I grew up in was full of wood furniture.  The wood trim around the windows as always stained a nice brown as were all the doors in the house.   The kitchen of course, beautiful woodwork. My mother’s decorating style was colonial.

The house I now live in, the brown trim and brown doors are still there. That was how we purchased the home.  My living room and kitchen is all about the brown autumn tones.  Lots of browns, beige, golds, coppers, with plenty of green mixed in.  The master bedroom has cherry tone furniture as the focal points and the bed has a quilt I made in the pastel colors which look nice against the cherry wood.  I do have a woodlands quilt I need to finish and put on my bed – brown tones of course.  That’s gotta be the Virgo in me.

As for the colors in my embroidery, I’ve been busy decorating for the various holidays. The monthly holidays seem to have their own colors.  Valentine’s Day is reds, St. Patrick’s Day is greens, Easter is pastels, etc.  All nice accent colors for the blues, blacks, and grays that the country is using as foundation colors.