When buying your sewing machine, you will normally receive a warranty with the machine from the manufacturer. The warranty provides for certain services should your machine breakdown within a certain time period.

Each manufacturer is different with respects to not only what they cover, but how it is covered.

When getting your machine serviced under warranty, make sure you have a proof of purchase. Otherwise, you may be expected to pay for the servicing.

Things to know about your warranty:

1) How long is the warranty period and what exactly is covered under that warranty?
a. Parts only, labor only, or both parts and labor?
b. Is there a time period difference between the parts and the labor?

2) Who can perform the warranty service?
a. Do you need to bring or send the machine back to the store of purchase
b. Can anyone fix the machine?
c. Some manufacturers allow only the store which sold you the machine to service the machine.

3) Is your machine a used machine?
a. Some manufacturers only warranty the machine for the original owner. A subsequent owner will have no rights even if the machine is within the time period of the original owner.
b. Does the selling store offer any kind of warranty with the machine?

So be aware and ask questions while you are purchasing your machine. You do not want to get into a situation where you have to consider shipping your machine for service or be restricted to a store with a less than stellar repair record.